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Angie Viar

You have given me tools that keep me focused and I feel back in control and that I can do this! I am only a few weeks into the program but I can visualize the end results.

Rachel Susterman

Heidi is very thorough and compassionate. She listens non-judgmentally and will try to help with every concern I have. I absolutely love working with her and I look forward to our weekly appointments.


Heidi has always been positive and encouraging, but she went above and beyond for me. She coached me through a new way of thinking. I know Heidi is available for support and encouragement whenever I need it. I am 12 lbs away from my first goal, and I know she’ll be cheering the loudest when I reach it.

Beth Ridgely

I have lost over 100 pounds - gained some back, and am now losing again - with Heidi's unwavering support, flawless guidance, extensive expertise and unending patience.

Heidi Hartman

Heidi Bodenheimer excels in getting the most out of her clients. She uses a blend of compassion, enthusiasm and toughness to motivate others. She is inventive and detail-oriented in her techniques, and truly cares about those that she mentors/teaches.


At first, I thought ugh! But it has really helped me to mediate and think about what was happening over the week and the choices I made and what I would do differently next time. There were times when I just wanted to let go, but with Heidi checking in with me through emails and her talks, it helped me to get back on track.

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