About Me

Heidi Bodenheimer: Health and Wellness Coach

Hello! My name is Heidi Bodenheimer and I am a health and wellness coach with 5 years hands on coaching experience and 21 years in the fitness industry.  My passion is helping people feel and be their best self. My genuine and authentic self, coupled with my integrated approach is what makes working with me incredibly successful.  

I have studied over 100 dietary theories and believe me; there is no magic pill.  What works for one person more than likely won’t work for the next. We are all unique individuals with different needs.  I advocate bio-individuality. One person’s food is another person’s poison.

 I have helped numerous folks lose weight, come off medications, gain confidence, increase energy and feel better.  Let’s explore and get curious together. I am committed to helping you all along the way, figuring out what is getting in the way, identifying what your triggers are, analyzing exactly what you really need at this moment in time and so much more.

I provide accountability, guidance and lots of great content to help you figure out this so called health and wellness thing for you to look, feel and be your best self.